Diva’s Women’s Ministry

Diva’s Women’s Ministry

(Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed)


To address and nurture the holistic needs of women (of all ages) to enhance one’s spiritual relationship with Christ, to develop a sense of self-value in Christ, and in the use of one’s gifts for Christ.

 Women in history have been overlooked, gifts unused, struggles ignored, and accomplishments devalued. Here at Anderson Chapel we know that everyone is created for a purpose and God is in need of utilizing all that He has created. When God created women, He made us uniquely different and divinely talented. As women, our perspective on life is different based on our experiences. God speaks to women according to how He created us. D.I.V.A.s come together to encourage one another and walk together in God’s love. In our women’s ministry, you will experience God through unique Bible study (D.I.V.A.s Den), Women’s month, painting fellowships, and other worship opportunities! We encourage one another to grow in God according to individual gifting how He created you!

This ministry is for women of all ages! If you are looking for a ministry that can speak specifically to your needs and concerns, then ladies, this is the ministry for you.

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